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100% Woman-owned and led.

Sagacity Solutions is an independent Drug and Alcohol testing center and clinical laboratory collection site. 

We specialize in drug and alcohol screenings and are certified to perform Department of Transportation (DOT) regulated urine specimen collections, as well as Non-DOT collections. 

We offer a wide array of services including Urine Testing, Blood Testing, Hair Follicle Testing, DOT & Non-DOT drug and alcohol testing, Post-Accident, Return To Duty, Suspicion/Cause, Random, Rehabilitation, Probation, Court Ordered, School Ordered and Self Testing. We offer Pre-Employment Screening Services that include fingerprinting, background checks, and l-9 verifications. We also offer DNA testing, early gender prediction and notary services. 

Sagacity Solutions is partnered with SAMSHA certified labs such as Formfox, Lab Corp, and Quest.


Our clients can expect to receive 24/7 service between our brick and mortar location, mobile and on-site capabilities as well as after hours service.

Sagacity solutions is a full-service, minority woman owned business,

pleased to serve our community in Drug & Alcohol Testing.

We are the only Drug and Alcohol testing center and clinical laboratory

collection site in Caddo Parish, LA owned by an African-American Woman. 

We are a premier drug screening company providing superior services and solutions.

CONTACT US today for services that make a difference. Get your best Solutions here! 

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